Monash Scholars frequently asked questions

What is the Monash Scholars Program?

  • The Monash Scholars Program is a program for high achieving secondary school students that broadens both academic and life skills through interaction with Monash University.

How many students take part in the Monash Scholars Program?

  • Approximately 1200 students drawn from selected schools across the state.

How do I apply?

  • Applications open from May to June.
  • Interested students must obtain endorsement from their school first.
  • You apply directly to Monash University.
  • Announcement are made at the start of Term 3.

When does the Monash Scholars Program start?

  • The program commences in Year 10 at the beginning of Term 3.

When does the Monash Scholars Program finish?

  • Once accepted into Monash Scholars, students will participate until the end of Year 12. As they progress through Year 10, 11 and 12 they will be given opportunities to come onto campus and interact with like-minded high achieving students.

What benefits will I gain from participating in the Monash Scholars program?

  • Access and familiarisation with university life.
  • Personal development workshops including: cv writing; interview skills and balancing life and study.
  • Hands on experience of university study areas.
  • Information about study areas and courses of interest to you.
  • Understanding of University course requirements.
  • Tailored program of events.
  • Opportunity to participate in work experience programs.

Where will most activities take place?

  • Most of the events held within this program will take place on the Caulfield or Clayton Campuses of Monash University, however there may also be opportunities to visit other Victorian campuses as well.

Do I receive a financial bursary for participating in the program?

  • No.

What happens if I change schools while I am a Monash Scholar?

  • Please let the Monash Scholars Coordinator know so they can update your details. We also recommend you advise your new school that you are participating in the program.

What happens if I move interstate or overseas?

  • As most events will be held on a Monash campus, you would need to consider your availability to attend if you move away.

If I do not plan on going to Monash can I still participate in the Monash Scholars Program?

  • Yes. We would hope that through interaction with Monash you will appreciate the quality and benefits of a Monash degree, but understand that life decisions may lead you elsewhere.

What time commitment do I need to make to the Monash Scholars Program?

  • Approximately 20 hours each year. Monash Scholars are expected to attend the majority of events they are invited to.

Can I withdraw from the program?

  • Yes, you may withdraw from the program at any time. Please advise the Monash Scholars Coordinator if you plan to do so, so we can ensure you no longer receive correspondence regarding the program.

What support will be given to parents and teachers?

  • Parents and Teachers are welcome to contact the High Achieving Students Team with any questions. Please call 03 9903 4758 or email

Do I need to provide results to the program to remain enrolled in the program in years 11 and 12?

  • No, but the school is expected to monitor each student's participation – and make sure that they are not overloaded.

If I become ill and repeat a year will I still be able to participate in the program?

  • Yes. Please let us know so we can ensure you are included in the correct Monash Scholars year group.

Are there any costs for me to participate in the program?

  • No. We do not charge for participation in Monash Scholars. (Those who are interested in undertaking Extension Studies in Year 12 should be aware that there is a fee for that program).

Do I get any special recognition for participating in Monash Scholars Program?

  • A certificate of completion
  • A reference letter from the Academic Champion.
  • Endorsement to participate in the Monash Minds program

What are my ongoing commitments to the program?

  • Students should commit to attend a minimum of 2 events per year.
  • Students should keep their contact details updated, at least annually so they can receive invitations to events and fully participate in the program

Who should I contact if I have questions about the program?

Mail: ">

Monash Scholars Program
Monash University
Level 3, 211 Wellington Road
Mulgrave VIC 3170


Student Engagement Coordinator
Telephone: 03 9903 4758