Year 10 Team Building Day

The Team Building Day event is an action packed day of fun, activities, workshops and team building challenges. We'll also have an expert in to help give you tips on developing an effective resume and how to prepare for interviews. We'll explore key employability skills as a part of our Student Futures program that will help you pinpoint the skills to set you apart. We then take a look at the value of volunteering and how this can help you develop key interpersonal skills. Lastly, we'll head down to Monash Sport for an afternoon of team building activities to get you thinking as a part of a group to solve some challenges.

It will be a great day and you get a chance to mix and mingle with your fellow scholars.

Event Details



Wellington Road, ClaytonTuesday 20, SeptemberCinema, Ground floor, 21 Chancellors Walk, campus centre               10am-2.30pm


* Lunch will be provided. Bring comfortable clothes with flat shoes.


10.30-11.00Getting to know your fellow scholars
11.00-11.15Volunteering - 'The value of volunteering'
Provided by Team Monash
11.15-11.30Student Futures - 'Preparing you for your future'
11.30-12.15Careers - 'Understanding how to prepare resume and interviews'
Facilitated by Monash Careers Connect
1.00-2.15Team Building Activities by Monash Sport - 'Working as a team to achieve your goals'
2.15-2.30Wrap up

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