Monash Scholars

Monash Scholars

If you're a high-achieving secondary school student, the Monash Scholars program will help you explore and pinpoint your passions, develop a broad suite of study skills, and gain the confidence to make great course and career choices.

How does it work?

The program spans years 10 to 12. We expect the time commitment will be around 20 hours each year, and most activities will take place outside of school hours and during school holidays.

Activities include events and workshops that offer our scholars strategies to shine at school, prepare for university and navigate their future. Scholars will receive personalised advice and counselling through the course preference period.

Monash Scholars who go onto enrol in a degree course at Monash will continue to benefit through the first years of their degree.

Scholars are eligible for the Monash Minds leadership program and other mentoring and leadership roles.

What are the benefits?

Enhanced learning

Participants receive personalised study assistance and advice on how to cope with VCE. We'll cover topics like exam preparation and specific subject revision. Scholars have the opportunity to join Monash Extension, allowing them to boost their ATAR and get a head start at university.

Exploring career ambitions

We host events designed to help scholars discover possible careers, gain part-time employment and work experience, and develop CVs and interview skills.

Defining personal aspirations

We believe education should enrich your whole life, not simply prepare you for a career. Monash Scholars will have the opportunity to explore passions that lie outside their career ambitions.

Building networks

The program brings high-achieving students together, and gives like-minded participants the opportunity to build vital social networks that will sustain them through their final years of school and their university career.

Hear from our scholars

Matthew Mahoney

“MatthewMcKinnon Secondary College
Studying Bachelor of Commerce at Monash

"I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the Monash Scholars Program. I have been able to get priority access to events run by the university, access to a whole free series of revision  lectures  and  learn so much about the university by being involved in the program.  I feel like a know a lot of people by being in the program and this is going to help when I start at Monash.

Looking back on it now, I realised how fortunate I was to be a part of the program and everything it  offered.  Whilst you are still at school you do not actually realise how much of a head start  I had compared to other student.

I definitely recommend to any student looking to join this program."

Elise Hutchinson

“EliseSt Margaret's School
Studying Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) at Monash

"Being involved in the Monash Scholars program has made the transition to University so easy and enjoyable because I feel like it has been a consistent point of contact throughout  the  journey  from  school to Uni.

As a Monash Scholar I was able to acquire  valuable life and career skills that you just  don't get the opportunity to learn at school, and these have helped me to adjust to the more independent style of learning outside of the school environment.

I  also really appreciated the chance to become familiar with culture of Monash as a university,  and it helped me to feel confident that I was making  the right decision in choosing to study at Monash."

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