Information Technology Indigenous Scholarship for Equity


  • Diploma of Engineering (IT stream): Tuition fees paid for the duration of the Diploma of Engineering (IT stream).
  • IT degree: $6000 for a full time study load (48 credit points) paid per year until the minimum points of your Faculty of Information Technology degree* are completed.

*Does not include the Bachelor of Computer Science Advanced (Honours)

Number offered

  • Variable, depending on funding.


  • Awarded to the highest achieving year 11 student (for Part 1 entry) or year 12 student (for Part 2 entry) or to a student with studies deemed relevant by the Faculty. Selection will be based on academic achievement and demonstration of commitment to a career in Information Technology.


All conditions must be met

  • To be eligible, applicants must be:
    • An Indigenous Australian
    • A commencing student intending to undertake the IT stream in the Diploma of Engineering, at Monash College in Australia.
  • You must maintain satisfactory academic performance throughout your enrolment in both the Diploma and Faculty of IT degree

Application and other information

  • No application is necassary. Students will be automatically assessed.
  • Cannot be deferred