Econometrics Honours Memorial Scholarship

Two very prestigious scholarships in memory of the tragic events that took place in October 2002 in the Department Econometrics and Business Statistics and its honours students. A major fundraising campaign was launched by the Econometrics and Business Statistics Department and its alumni, and this, along with contributions from many others, has enabled the faculty to offer two scholarships in perpetuity.


Total average value up to $40,000

  • Commonwealth-supported place contributions or full-fee course fees paid for the duration of the honours degree.
  • $6000 per annum for one year only.

Number offered

  • Two scholarships are available.


  • Based on academic achievement.


All conditions must be met

  • Australian or New Zealand citizen, holder of an Australian permanent resident visa or permanent humanitarian visa, international student.
  • Commencing or continuing full-time in the econometrics honours program at a Monash campus in Australia.


  • You must maintain full-time enrolment and a minimum of an honours level 2A (distinction) grade average for the duration of the degree.

Application and other information

  • Cannot be deferred.
  • No application is necessary, students will be automatically assessed.