Pharmaceutical Science - P2001

Pharmaceutical Science

Bachelor degree

The Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science will equip you with the skills to improve human health and wellbeing by researching and developing more reliable, accessible and effective treatments and products.

You will learn about the chemistry, biology and technology of medicines and other formulations. You will also acquire the knowledge and practical skills that are critical to the discovery and development of new pharmaceutical products and therapies.

A common core of study of the foundations of pharmaceutical science during the first 18 months will prepare you to make a choice between different disciplines in drug discovery and formulations:

  • Formulation Science
  • Medicinal Chemistry
  • Drug Discovery Biology

Foundationscience studies in bioorganic and medicinal chemistry, physical chemistry andphysiology will underpin your pharmaceutical science specialisation, chosenhalfway through the course from the following fields:

  • Formulation Science – The invention,     manufacture and testing of new products, such as pharmaceuticals, food and     cosmetics.
  • Medicinal Chemistry – The study of     how drugs work; the principles and techniques of chemistry are adopted to     discover and develop compounds that prevent, treat or cure disease.
  • Drug Discovery Biology – The     discovery and understanding of biological drug targets and their     modulation, and the translation of the information and outcomes of drug-development     studies into pharmaceutical products.

Alongside your specialist knowledge and techniques,you will develop an understanding of the application of pharmaceutical methods andprofessional practices required in the workplace.

Youwill study under the guidance of one of the largest and most productive groupof pharmaceutical researchers in Australia, and you will graduate having workedin industry-standard facilities, such as our impressive Shimadzu high-pressureliquid chromatography (HPLC) lab.

You will gain practical skills through a major applied research projector industry placement, and be ready for a career in pharmaceutical research,the biomedical industry and many other fields that require advancedchemical-formulation skills.

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Subject prerequisites

English Maths Sciences / Other
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Course Details

Location(s): On-campus at Parkville: Full time & part time
Duration: 3 years (full time) , 6 years (part time)
Start date: First Semester (February)
Qualification: Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science
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"My job is never dull. In addition to my role as a drug analyst, I have another role as a fire and explosives investigator. That also involves giving evidence in court. A highlight of my career was assisting with the Victorian bushfires investigation.” Amy Vanderpoel, Forensic Officer (Drug Analyst), Victoria Police Forensic Services Centre

"I also took up the opportunity to undertake a summer research project with GlaxoSmithKline and the Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the end of my second year. That was an amazing experience and gave me an insight into what my future career could look like." Tran-Quang Peter Nguyen, Pharmaceutical Science Student

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