Forensic Medicine - M6009

Forensic Medicine

Master degree

In this course, you will gain advanced expertise and specialised knowledge enabling you to become highly sought after in the forensic medical, dental or science fields.  Building on your qualification in medicine, dentistry, biomedical science or radiography, you will be able to apply your knowledge in the interests of justice.

You will learn to:

  • make high level, independent judgements in the forensic setting;
  • gain sound knowledge of medico-legal principles;
  • gain the skills to clearly communicate medico-legal issues to the justice system; prepare effective and objective medico-legal reports;
  • critically evaluate the ethical and legal issues arising in forensic medical practice, and
  • interpret wounds and injury patterns.

On completion of this course, you will have developed a range of skills equipping you with the necessary attributes to work in the fields of forensic medicine, dentistry, or science within the parameters of the justice system.

The guiding philosophy of this course is to establish robust academic standards in the practice of clinical forensic medicine, forensic odontology, and forensic medical science.

We aim to equip you with a sound knowledge of medico-legal principles and to develop your skills in providing forensic medical, dental and scientific services to the community.

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Location(s): Off-campus: Part time
Duration: 3 years (part time)
Qualification: Master of Forensic Medicine

This course has three specialisations:

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