Addictive Behaviours - M6014

Addictive Behaviours

Master degree

The Master of Addictive Behaviours is offered in partnership with Turning Point, an internationally renowned drug and alcohol treatment and research centre.

The course will provide you with a comprehensive overview of addiction science, policy and practice. It is a multidisciplinary, modular course that is delivered online but which retains a strong interactive and dynamic focus. Covering contemporary concerns such as problem drinking and gambling, and misuse of prescribed and illicit drugs, the course is delivered by a team of national and international experts from Monash University, Turning Point and other leading universities.

This master’s program is built on a strong conceptual and theoretical foundation. It covers key topics in epidemiology, public health and policy, prevention and treatment and research methods. Building on your qualification in psychology, criminology, nursing, medicine and social work, or if you are a professional engaged in criminal justice, mental health, community health and public policy, this program enables you to further your career development, improve your academic skills and gain a rewarding and satisfying educational experience.

All units in this course are delivered online. Contact with teaching staff is conducted via forum discussions, announcements, email and telephone.

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Course Details

Location(s): Off-campus: Part time
Duration: 3 years (part time)
Start date: First Semester (February)
Qualification: Master of Addictive Behaviours

The Master of Addictive Behaviours is offered through Turning Point, part of Eastern Health Clinical School. On completion of this course you will have both theoretical and practical knowledge on current perspectives and advances in the substance misuse and gambling fields, and its relationship to other fields including nursing, social work, medicine and psychology.

As work in the addiction field is multidisciplinary, the course will be relevant if you are working directly in the field of addiction or if you wish to specialise in addiction related issues in your area of expertise. This could include allied health, research, academia, teaching, policy-making, human resources, justice, the education system or sports administration.

The course provides a comprehensive overview of the disciplines that inform addiction science and will provide critical awareness around policy, practice and research. It will allow you to enhance your career prospects towards a number of roles, such as a specialist clinician, treatment service manager, public health planner or policy advisor.

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