Student life

Student life is about more than just study. Brilliant careers also come from exploring new perspectives, challenging our preconceptions and making a difference in the community.

As a Monash student you have the chance to join a huge range of clubs, make new friends and share experiences that you'll treasure for the rest of your life. We also have many services to help you settle in and get involved.

Clubs and societies

If it's a thing, then there's a Monash club or society that celebrates it, no matter what campus you are on. Find your tribe.


Clubs and societies at Monash


No matter what your level of fitness or commitment, physical recreation is a great way to make friends. Whether you like kicking a soccer ball around with a couple of mates on Sunday or you're training for the Olympic triathlon, Monash Sports can help.

Sport at Monash

Student services

At Monash, we support you. Find out about career development, counselling, health and disability support, financial assistance, childcare and more.

More about student services

More than just a degree

Who do you want to be?

Dr Sam Prince (MBBS) is a medical doctor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He graduated from Monash University with a degree in Medicine, majoring in Surgery. Sam was honoured with the Monash University Distinguished Alumni Award in 2012.

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More than just a degree

Achieve your dream career

Elise Klein (B Env Sci, Hons) graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Environmental Science which led to a PhD at Oxford University. She is also the founder and volunteer CEO of the Mali Initiative.

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More than just a degree

Turn what you want into something real

Bryan Loo graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of science majoring in bioscience.  He's the founder and CEO of Malaysian lifestyle tea company, Chatime, a successful outpost of the famous Taiwanese "bubble tea" company.

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Accommodation on and off-campus

Join the 2000 people who live on a Monash campus, or get advice about all your off-campus options. Monash Residential Services has you covered. Find out what "Res" life offers you.

Student accommodation

Safety and security

We take your safety and security very seriously. Find out how we look after you whenever you're on a Monash campus.

Your safety at Monash

Getting started

Have you accepted your offer? Welcome to Monash!

Whatever pathway you've taken and wherever you're heading, there are one or two things it helps to know about Monash before diving into campus life.

What you need to know

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