The Monash Guarantee

The Monash Guarantee recognises your potential to succeed at university is about more than just your ATAR. It ensures fair entry for students to Monash. You could be eligible for a guaranteed place at Monash – even if your achieved ATAR is below the clearly-in rank.

See below for further details and eligibility criteria or check-out the Monash Guarantee brochure.

Do you attend a school that is under-represented at university?

Monash has identified over 1000 schools across Australia as being under-represented at university. We know many students from these schools have the ability to succeed if they are given the opportunity to study at Monash. If you attend one of these schools and achieve the required ATAR, you will be eligible for the Monash Guarantee. If you miss out on that, you will still be eligible for SEAS bonuses.

Have you experienced financial disadvantage?

Financial hardship during secondary school is one reason many students have difficulty reaching their full potential. So if you meet this criteria, and achieve the required ATAR, you will be eligible for the Monash Guarantee.

Are you an Indigenous Australian?

Monash benefits from a diverse student body that includes Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. If you are an Indigenous Australian and achieve the required ATAR, you will be eligible for the Monash Guarantee.

How it works

If you meet the eligibility criteria including all course prerequisites and extra requirements, and meet the achieved ATAR for your chosen course (starting at 70+), the Monash Guarantee will provide you with:

The Monash Guarantee does not include any scholars courses. Refer to the course list to see a complete list of courses included in the Monash Guarantee.

If you are admitted through the Monash Guarantee with an achieved ATAR 90+ or are an Indigenous student offered a Monash Scholarship for Exceptional Achievement or a Monash Scholarship for Outstanding Achievement, you will be invited to join the Vice-Chancellor's Access Monash Scholars (VCAMS) program, which includes a $1000 UniStart bursary.


To be eligible for the Monash Guarantee, you must:

  • be studying Australian Year 12 or International Baccalaureate 2014
  • satisfy the criteria for financial disadvantage or attend a Monash listed under-represented school or be an Indigenous Australian
  • achieve the guaranteed ATAR for your preferred course
  • satisfy all course prerequisites and extra requirements such as a UMAT, portfolio, interview or audition
  • be an Australian or New Zealand citizen, holder of an Australian permanent resident or permanent humanitarian visa
  • To assist you with confirming your eligibility, check out our Monash Guarantee eligibility flowchart

How to apply

To apply for the Monash Guarantee, you must:

  • submit a VTAC course application and include your preferred Monash University courses in your preference list
  • complete a Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS) application including any required documentation
  • complete a VTAC Scholarship application.

Need more information?

View the FAQ's to get more information about the Monash Guarantee, contact Access Monash:
Phone: 1800 MONASH