International student applications

Applying to study at Monash is easy. Let's start by pointing you in the right direction. Future students fit into one of these categories.


Undergraduate coursework

You want to study a coursework degree at an undergraduate level.

Year 12 or International Baccalaureate in Australia

You want to study a coursework degree as an undergraduate and you're studying Year 12 or the International Baccalaureate in Australia.

Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY) students in Australia and offshore

You want to study an undergraduate degree or a Monash College Diploma at one of Monash's Australia-based campuses. You are in your final semester of the Monash University Foundation Year  program in Australia or offshore.

Monash College Diploma Part 1 and Part 2 students in Australia and offshore

You want to continue your program at one of Monash's Australia-based campuses.


You want to study a coursework degree at a postgraduate level.

You want to study a research degree  – a master's by research, doctorate (PhD), or professional doctorate.

International exchange

You want to come to Monash via international exchange with your home university.

Assessing your application

When your application is received, Monash University will assess your application against university entrance requirements including: minimum age, English and academic entry requirements. To comply with Australian law your application will be assessed to check that you are genuinely seeking temporary entry to Australia to study. If the University forms the opinion that you are not a Genuine Temporary Entrant it may refuse to assess your application, withdraw an offer of a place, or cancel your confirmation of enrolment.

If your application is successful, we will make you a full offer. We will email this to you and to your agent, if you have one.

If we are not able to make you a full offer immediately, you may receive a conditional offer. A conditional offer means you must submit more information before we can send you a full offer. Usually, the information we need is final results, the results of an English exam, or transcripts. We will explain in the email.

If you are not successful for your first course preference, we will assess you for the next preference on your application form, or for a pathway program through Monash College.

Self assess for admission and credit eligibility

Check your credit or admission eligibility using the study credit and admissions eligibility search


Contact us to get help with your application and answers to your questions.